01. stonemilker
02. lionsong
03. history of touches
04. black lake
05. family
06. notget
07. undo
08. come to me
09. i see who you are
10. wanderlust
11. quicksand
12. mutual core
13. mouth mantra

The Vulnicura Live Luxury Edition boxset will contain a double LP in gatefold sleeve, a CD version of the live album, a 320kbps MP3 download card, a set of 6 photo prints housed in a glassine sleeve, together with an exclusive 3D Low Polygon Bjork Moth Paper Mask in pieces to build with its own set of instructions included.

Mask developed in collaboration with Wintercroft and based on a James Merry original design. Boxset designed at M/M (Paris). Specifications subject to change during manufacturing.

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